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Life Planning

Most people develop their financial plans with a broker or financial advisor. They work hard, invest and then wonder why their wealth has not given them the wonderful life they thought they were working for.

Life planners would say, "Plan for your life first, then plan for your business and investments."

Some of the most successful and happy people we know are people who chose their work and/or created a business that was in perfect synchronicity with what they want out of life. If you do what you love, you’ll work harder, better and more happily.

I like to ask all new clients a series of questions and then I wait and really listen to what they say.

1.  If you just won $100,000,000.00 what would you do?

Then I listen to their dreams.

2.  If you had just seen the doctor and he said you had 5 years to live, what would you do? You will have no pain.

Now some real feelings start to come out.

3. You have just been to see the doctor and you will die tomorrow.  What do you regret?

Now the rubber will meet the road. We are going to find out what is really important to you!


Sometimes we seem to get the cart in front of the horse. Are we working to work because we love our work, or are we working because we love our families?

Man holding a sign asking for work.  He lost his job.

A lot of people have had a real wake up in Michigan.  As I write this, March 1, 2009, Michigan has over 10% unemployment, it looks like Chrysler and General Motors  could go broke and thousands of retired people could lose millions of dollars in benefits.  Over 2,500,000 people moved out of Michigan in the last year.

It is hard to realize it but, for some people, this could be an opportunity to get their lives back.  Our Governor has set up a program that will let unemployed people go back to school.  Michigan will pay for up to $10,000 in educational expenses spread out over two years.

Sometimes opportunity comes disguised in some very funny looking wrappings.  You may think the gentlemen in this picture would be unusual, but I know of two other people with PhDs that are now unemployed in Michigan.

When we are growing up, we think that life is just a breeze. We go to movies and watch television and watch every possible problem get figured out and corrected in 30 minutes to 2 hours. We grow up expecting to work for the same company for the rest of our lives, retire with a pension and grow fat and happy watching our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren grow.

Well all that can happen, but it takes planning.

Life planning helps you figure out where you want to be!

Financial planning helps you figure out what it is really going to take to get you there!

Wealth Planning keeps you on track, looks out for your assets and gives you a few perks along the way!

A retired couple traveling the work and having a ball!

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