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It is just a cordial conversation!

Creative Financial Design has designated an experienced member of the firm to be the first person to contact all members of the public inquiring about our services.  First, this person will inquire about what services you are looking for?  Then they share their insights on how they think callers can get the most benefit personally out of the Fee-Only financial planning experience and Creative Financial Design.

They will introduce their self and ask a few initial questions:

1. What do you know about Fee-Only financial planning and Creative Financial Design?

2. What are your objectives for calling?

3. What is motivating your call?

4. Have you ever worked with a financial advisor before?

5. If so what were your impressions?

Most first time callers are nervous talking to a stranger.  Often they are considered to be an expert in their field, yet they feel they need help with their own financial situation. They are not use to going to others for advice and may feel a little uncomfortable about it.  Relax, this is normal and something Creative Financial Design has been helping their clients with since 1984.  Our goal is to make your experience with us as comfortable and rewarding as possible.

You will have no pressure placed upon you to work with us.  During our first meeting we both simply observe and ask questions.  You are in full control and have the final say on whether we are a good fit and would work well together.

If you would like we will put you on our newsletter email list, for a few months, to help you become more comfortable with Creative Financial Design.


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