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Our firm looks to reduce the mental burdens and stress of dealing with financial decisions. We bring into the present the happiness and fulfillment of our clients’ hopes for their futures. 

A great wealth, life and financial planner is like a Sherpa, guiding his client on the climb up the client's personal mountainside. The planner knows the terrain, can steer the client around the treacherous areas and has the tools and expertise to coach his client through the unavoidable rough spots. Like climbing a mountain, the challenge of the task is different every time, and subject to many outside forces. Like the Sherpa, the great planner has the knowledge and experience to lead his clients safely toward their goals but, perhaps more importantly, he has the perspective to enhance the joy of the journey itself.

The traditional planning approach and the wealth and life planning approach that we follow result in very different outcomes. 

People think that the second home, the big vacation, the million-dollar nest egg will fulfill them. Most of the time, there’s a short-term feeling of satisfaction that comes with the new acquisition. But before long, achieving their goal tapers off to being a part of their just-as-it-was life.

What people really want is to be free from worry, to be loved, to love unconditionally, to make a positive difference, and to feel fulfilled. Our mission is to help people focus on the underlying issues that lead to satisfaction, rather than on affording the things that never seem to be enough.

Clients are seeking “inner peace” and the “joy” and “freedom” that come with a trusted relationship.

A good wealth, life and financial planner provides answers to financial questions and a sense of comfort to people who otherwise are often troubled by their financial undertakings.

So, you see, it is our job to help clients travel life’s journey with peace of mind. If clients are young, we help them believe their dreams and aspirations are within their grasp. If they are not young, often we perform a reality slap to make them aware of what it may take to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

An example of this would be when we started warning clients about the coming recession in August 2006 and we started getting them out of their investments in the fall of 2007. Clients who took our advice and could use our systems have spent the majority of 2008 and 2009 in cash and short term and intermediate term government bonds. Those who did not take our advice got a reality slap.

Our systems are designed to grow your assets during good times, limit your losses during bad times and take fewer risks when all of your investment needs are met. We call this process, "Blending the Art of Living with the Science of Financial Planning."


A Registered Investment Advisor Since 1984