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Ted Feight, On Taking the Fear Out of Investing January 27, 2011

Do You Still Need Bonds? February 14, 2011

Protect those Apple Google and tech windfalls, October 26, 2009

Revamping Your Investment Strategy by Jane J. Kim April 30, 2009 The Wall Street Journal WSJ Blogs

ETF Death Watch Why Are Funds Closing March 24, 2009 The Wall Street Journal's

Investing in Funds: A Monthly Analysis the All-ETF Portfolio: Pros Reveal the Ins and Outs by Rob Wherry August 6, 2007

Business Week and Logo Ted Feight is is the news

More investors are shunning stocks! February 24, 2009

CBS Money Watch Website with articles with Ted Feight a Fee Only Certified Financial planner who is a NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor

Los Angeles Times
Lansing State Journal from Lansing Michigan Newspaper Header
The Washington Post

Investment News
Ted Feight In Investment News talking about General Motors Oil Prices NAPFA Women and Finances Keeping the business in the family and ETF Owner Creative FInancial Design



Debt drama: Advisors forced to confront eurozone woes, December 5, 2010

Poor planning: Many older advisors still lack a succession plan, June 3, 2010

Recovery spells extra credit for advisers needing training, April 18, 2010

Office decor can color bottom line Novemeber 29, 2009

Office decor can make a difference November 18, 2009

Capital Research & Management September 20, 2009

An Advisor hot botton: Social Networking July 15, 2009

Webcast Series: Using Social Media to Market Your Practice
July 14, 2009

Fear's a factor as General Motors files June 7, 2009

Keeping it all in the family can be tricky business May 4, 2009

Market's plunge brings out the dividend investors March 29, 2009

Fund wraps steal SMAs thunder February 15, 2009

Financial Advisors Try Last-Resort Strategies November 30, 2008

Women Frequently Discuss Money with their Daughters November 3, 2008

Advisors Wary Despite Oil Price Drop October 26, 2008

Vitual Portfolio Boasts Solid Returns, Multiple Stars from Morningstar June 23, 2008

Complex Buyout Deals Spurs Need for Advice June 9, 2008

Three ETF of ETFs are Launched May 26, 2008

Russia Tempts Advisers with Equity Choices May 26, 2008

Pondering the Impact of $100-aBarrel Oil November 5, 2007

In asset allocation strategies, the dividing line is home equity August 20, 2007

Helping Auto Workers to Keep on Truckin' April 10-2006
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Financial Advisor
Reuters News Service with Ted Feight a fee only NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor in its articles

The Mortgage Guide

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CBS Talk Radio WBBM 780 Noon Business Hour Chicago



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June 2, 2009 Ted was the guest on CBS' WBBM News Radio 780. He was on the Noon Business News program.


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Boosting Clients' Portfolios and Psyches, January 23, 2008

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FDIC to raise insurance limitis, Katherine Lewis, April 1, 2006

San Diego Daily Transcript Logo

Post-Crash Planners Keep the Faith in Stocks: Jane Bryant Quinn November 5, 2008

Seeking Alpha

Portfolio Manager Favors International Asset Allocation April 15, 2009

Rep Advisorland

The C Client Time Suck

It's All Relative, April 1, 2004


All-ETF portfolio: the ins and outs

Herz in the News

It's All Relative

Fidelity article on how to invest
Too Too News at

The lower oil pieces can have a positive impact on the whole economy October 27, 2008



Advisor Magazine


US Bank Deposits Hit Record; Customers Shift Business Around, December 31, 2008







Πότε θα επιστρέψουν στις μετοχές οι επενδυτές; (Business Week)


Investors Iraq news articles and trading

FDIC to raise insurance limits
, November 2005

South America

Peruvia Peru



Portfolio Manager Favors International Assets, April 15, 2008

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